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Pengertian dan Contoh Teks Recount


Recount texts tell a series of events and assess their significance in some ways. There is no impediment among the participants and that differentiates from narratives.
Social function is to retell something that happened as events or to retell the purpose of informing or entertaining.

Generic structure of analysis
Orientation refers to Introducing the participant (who) provides the setting place or sets the scene (where), time (when) and state (what), it uses first person point of view.
Events refers to describing a series of event which happened in other word it means sequence of events in the order in which they happened. This a record of events usually recounted in chronological order; personal comments and/or evaluative remarks, which are interspersed throughout the record of events;
Events refers to stating the writer’s personal note, it is the ending of the story containing the writer’s comment. In other words, it is a final personal comment or reflection
Language Feature Analysis
Notch words capture reader’s interest
May use the first person or using personal participant; I
Most often in the past tense, but may be in the instantaneous present for effect or using action verb such as moved, left, walked, made, etc
Contrast sentences length: simple, compound or complex
Short sentences increase tension; longer sentences provide contrast and detail
Time words connect events or chronological connectives; (e.g. As soon as….; Eventually…; Then…; A few moments later, and, suddenly…)
Noun groups describe people and places (e.g. the noisy children playing in the park)
May include reported or direct speech (He said …….)
tips Note
Narrative and recount in some ways are similar. Both are telling something in the past so narrative and recount usually apply PAST TENSE; whether Simple Past Tense, Simple Past Continuous Tense, or Past Perfect Tense. The ways narrative and recount told are in chronological order using time or place. Commonly narrative text is found in story book; myth, fable, folklore, etc while recount text is found in biography. The thing that makes narrative and recount different is the structure in which they are constructed. Narrative uses conflicts among the participants whether natural conflict, social conflict or psychological conflict. In some ways narrative text combines all these conflicts. In the contrary, we do not find these conflicts inside recount text. Recount applies series of event as the basic structure.

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