Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Pengertian dan Contoh Teks Recount

Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kali ini akan mengulas mengenai teks recount. Recount text secara umum yaitu teks atau cerita yang menceritakan pengalaman di masa lampau/ lalu yang berbentuk peristiwa, aktivitas, dan berbagai hal lainnya. Tujuannya supaya sipembaca merasa terhibur dan mengetahui pengalaman apa yang dimiliki oleh si penulis.

Ciri Kebahasaan recount text adalah bahwa teks ini mempunyai bentuk kalimat simple past tense atau lampau. Generic structure fari recount teks adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Orientation : Memperkenalkan cerita itu sendiri. Anda akan berbuat apa, dan dengan siapa.
  2. Events : Menjelaskan satu demi satu peristiwa yang terjadi selama cerita Anda berlangsung.
  3. Re-orientation : Ini merupakan pilihan bagi Anda. Biasanya penulis menuliskan komentar personal mengenai peristiwa yang telah terjadi.
ini adalah salah satu contoh recount teks
My Best Friend, Haruka
In Senior high school, I had best friend from Jepang. Her name was Haruka. She was beautiful, smart, and low profile. Because of that, many people loved her, included of me. Even though she was from foreign country that considered by many students she would be arrogant, but Haruka was different. She was a good girl.
Haruka and I became good friend each other. I was really glad having friend like her, although she was from rich family and I wasn’t. She enjoyed having a friend like me and there was no problem, for her, to share everything to me. For the example, when she had something, like knowledge, foods, or even gifts, she would give to me. Then, I did the same thing like her, if my mom made a food in which my mom usually made a traditional food, I would give that food to Haruka. We ate together, we had fun together.
One day, I was invited by Haruka’s family to attend Haruka’s birthday. I came to the building where she held her birthday party. I was very surprised when I looked to the building. It was very luxurious and the entry had a quite beautiful decoration. I felt afraid to go inside. So, I only waited on the outside of the building, more precisely, I stood by the fence. After several minutes, I saw Haruka went out from the building. Oh my god!, she saw me. Soon after that, she came to me and asked why I did not come in. I did not answer, I only smiled. Then, she said to me that her birthday would not be started without me. I was very touched in hearing that and I hugged her. Then, Haruka and I came in. Many guests had arrived and suddenly they looked at Haruka and me. I was very shy. Then, the party started. Before that, Haruka’s parents introduced me to the guests that I was the best friend of her daughter.
Furthermore, the thing that made me surprise that Haruka’s family wanted me follow them to holiday in Japan next month. Off course I want because it must be interesting experience. Many people gave applause to me and Haruka’s family. I was so touched and on that place I wanted to cry. I was fortunate having friend like Haruka and knew Haruka’s family well.

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