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Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris

Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kali ini akan mengulas mengenai Contoh Dialog atau Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Saat Wawancara. Teman – teman sedang mencari sebuah gambaran sebuah interview dalam Bahasa Inggris? Kebetulan sekali pada artikel berikut ini saya memberikan sebuah contoh percakapan saat  wawancara . 

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Saat Akan Wawancara

This is dialogue between Asri as interviewing and Agis Intan as interviewer.
Agis : Good morning. (atau bisa mengucapkan salam itu lebih baik)
Asri : Good morning. What can I do for you?
Agis : I’m astudent. I would like to ask about the whole information of this University.
Asri : sure, sit down please.
Agis : Thank you Mom, could I start right now  mom?
Asri : All right. What is your name?
Agis : My name is Agis Intan.
Ari : What is the University that you study before?
Agis : I graduated from University of Indonesia who took in Economy of Management program there.           I want to register in this University of Tokyo, but I have not got the information about the needs yet. first I want to know about the condition this university before it.
Asri : Ok.
Agis : I hear that this university is one of the university which is good quality in this Country. Isn’t it?
Asri : yes, you are right. You know that this The University of Tokyo is the university in Japan that we usually called it “Todmai”. The University of Tokyo is Japan’s most prestigious university. Because, Todai is conducting a wide range of research in humanities, social sciences, and natural, sciences, while making constant efforts to create an interdisciplinary and cutting-edge academic curriculum.
Agis : Excellent! How many campuses that university has mom?
Asri : the university contains 3 campuses, Hongo, Komaba, dan Kashiwa. In addition, some the facilities in university of Tokyo locate in the other subdivision from Tokyo and country. Most of the faculty and postgraduate from university. eee locate in Hongo Campus.
Asri : oh, so there are 3 campuses in Todai, Hongo, Komaba, dan Kashiwa. what about the Komaba Campus? Where does this locate?
Agis : eee..The Komaha campus that locates in part of Komaba Meguro-ku, Tokyo is eee 35 hectare.
Asri : Is the facility of this campus more complete than the others?
Agis : eemm..There is no significant differences about the facility, this campus provide the facility such as, Graduate School of Art and Sciences, College of Art and Sciences, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, and institute science that held in this Campus.
Agis : What about the Kashiwa Campus mom?
Asri : The Kashiwa Campus is the new from the others one, it is located in the Kashiwa City, prefecture ciba, the edge of Tokyo.
Agis : yeah, I think that it is very big university. What about the student activity?
Asri : you know! The students of this university always held two festivals annual that is called Festival Komaba hel in November in Komaba Campus eemm organizes by Students. And Festival Mei or “Gogatsusai” in Hongo Campus that it is beheld by a committee that contains from all scholar students.
And the last one is the program which is held for three days and this is the opportunity for student to promote the academic activity and non academic for citizen. Now day, this university held introducing this Campus for student in Senior High School for annual program ee..that that introducing of campus life for senior high school students that hope studying in this campus. What is the program study will you take in Todai?
Agis : I will take cooperation international program there. What is the requirement?
Asri : there are any qualifications, you must have 500 score for toefl, and you have to submit the documentation to the administration in this campus. And wait the confirmation in there.
Agis : Thank you for the information mom.

Demikianlah sebuah Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Saat Wawancara yang dapat Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris sajikan, Semoga artikel ini bisa berguna bagi para pembacanya dan juga bagi penulis. Terima kasih!!!

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